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Biography & Awards

Who is Alex Prindiville?

Alex Prindiville is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience across the luxury automotive, property development, and electric vehicle industries. He is known for his bespoke supercar designs and high-end property developments, and more recently has focused on ethical ventures like affordable housing and electric vehicles. Prindiville has built several successful businesses in luxury cars, parts, and services.

From Public Housing to Exotic Superstars


BM Heads

Aged 17 Alex bought his first BMW and after blowing it up, he was seeking a replacement cylinder head. Noticing a lack of choice, he realised there was a gap in the market – a contract with German & Swedish Car Parts led Alex to his first business.


Newlun Performance

Catering to a profitable niche market, Newlun is also where Alex learned the art of automotive bodywork repair and design, as well as working with composite materials. He also gained experience with race car setup and preparation for F1 teams in



PPC GB was setup by Alex and a partner he met in Monaco. Vital lessons in warehouse management proved essential for Alex’s further success. Along with the art of how an Internet based business must fight for first page visibility on Google.


Prindiville Design & Tuning

Primarily working as an online car parts business with as many as 5,000 parts in stock, Prindiville Design & Tuning also expanded into parts manufacturing, including bodywork and carbon fibre components. Here Alex was able to exercise his design skills, as showcased in a headline-grabbing, one-off Lamborghini.


Head of High Asset Valuations

As a result of the 2008 global financial crisis, Alex found work with multiple high-end pawnbrokers that had been losing money on its automotive deals. Tasked with helping value luxury cars to enable the company to secure a transparent price on its assets, Alex grew into the role of an Asset Disposal Specialist.


Luxury Car 2012 Showrooms

In the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, Alex rebuilt his car sales business, opening a luxury showroom close to London’s Old Street, then relocating to premises within the shadow of Canary Wharf, where he determined a significant proportion of his potential clients were likely to work


Prindiville PLC

Alex believed that rather than growing the company organically, what would really make a difference was a large cash injection to increase stock levels, which in turn would bring more money, more quickly, into the business. From here Prindiville expanded into various areas of the automotive, construction and marine sectors.


AP Homes

Crushed but not completely broken, Alex used his depressing experience to create an ethical property development company that will help others who have reached the same rock bottom as he had. And following the deaths of both his parents and the marvellous attention they received in their final days from the wonderful NHS staff, he’s passionate about providing affordable housing for Britain’s army of Key Workers.


Auto Boutique London

While electric is the future for the masses, Alex believes traditional luxury cars will always have a place in the hearts of the passionate. Auto Boutique is located in a discreet underground car park on the edge of Hyde Park in the glamorous heart of London and is an all-inclusive facility – car storage, touchless car wash, detailing, servicing, bodywork, etc.


London Electric Centre

In an automotive world that is being propelled into an electric future by legislation and public pressure, Alex is ahead of the game. Within his Hyde Park premises the London Electric Centre (LEC) is adapting the facility to store, charge and maintain up to 150 electric vehicles.


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Car Shows

Prindiville Showrooms

Murciélago by Prindiville

Alex’s bespoke Lamborghini Murciélago design was a pioneering showcase of his boundless creativity and expertise crafting exclusive exotic vehicles. Debuting at the prestigious Top Marques auto show in Monaco, the boldly customized Murciélago by Prindiville made headlines for its sleek yet aggressive styling. With its lowered stance, massive rear wing, and carbon fiber accents, this one-of-a-kind Lambo exuded power and performance. Its menacing matte black palette was contrasted by fiery orange calipers peeking through the wheels. Inside, race-inspired seats and upholstery nodded to the vehicle’s track-ready capabilities.

Prindiville Defender: The Luxury Land Rover

The Prindiville Defender is a highly customized and luxurious version of the classic Land Rover Defender SUV, reimagined by Alex Prindiville. The video showcases the extensive modifications made to transform an ordinary Defender into an ultra-premium bespoke vehicle. Alex focused on taking the rugged Defender to new heights of luxury and personalization, without compromising its impressive off-road capabilities. The Prindiville Defender demonstrates Alex’s talents for turning automotive dreams into reality for discerning clientele.

Luxury Living on the Water

Frustrated by London’s soaring property prices, Alex leveraged his design skills to create an elegant solution – bespoke luxury houseboats. Blending cutting-edge style with practicality and comfort, Alex’s custom aquatic homes are oases of refinement. State-of-the-art kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and opulent bedrooms provide first-class facilities. But beyond the amenities, these houseboats also boast clever space-saving layouts and engineering innovations. Alex’s expertise ensures each one is optimized for life on the water, with stabilized platforms, seamless indoor/outdoor flow, and advanced safety features.


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Driving Towards the Future

While reflecting on past successes, Alex keeps moving forward with visionary new ventures centered around sustainability and social responsibility.